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Bike rider in blur motion

Bike rider in blur motion

Riding your motorcycle is such a fun experience until you suddenly meet an accident that renders your motorcycle unsafe for use. You end up having to call someone to tow your motorcycle and at the hospital to check your injuries.

Although no one wants to be involved in an accident, it could still happen. However, there is a way to lessen your chances of meeting them. That is by knowing the common causes of motorcycle accidents. Here are some of them:

Cars Turning Left

One of the most common causes of accidents for motorcycles and cars is when the car takes a left-turn while they are in front of you. The accident usually happens when you are going through the intersection, trying to overtake the car or passing the car.

The best way to avoid accidents due to this is to keep your distance. That gives you more time to react to the driver’s move. Protective gear will also soften the blow.

Additionally, there are also signs and indications that a car is about to turn. Among them is the light signal, a car waiting on the intersection to turn or when they look both ways a second before they turn. When you see such indications, you should definitely slow down or move away from their lane.

Lane Switching

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is when a car switches over to your lane. As they merge into your lane, they may not be able to see you or they may not be paying too much attention to you that’s why they could hit you.

Cars have blind spots too and you can tell if you are in their blind spot if you can’t see them in their mirror. In that case, you could either speed up or slow down to get yourself out of their blind spot. You also need to watch out when they are changing lanes because sometimes you just won’t notice whether you’re in the blind spot or not.

Head-On Crashes

Head-on crashes do not only damage the motorcycle extensively, they could be fatal too. Depending on the speed of the motorcycle, the motorcycle driver could either be crushed or thrown off the motorcycle when it abruptly stops due to the impending crash. Either way, both scenarios could lead to serious injuries and fatal crashes.

One way to avoid such crashes would be to be a defensive motorcycle rider. Take a look at the road ahead of you and always scan it for various hazards. Additionally, you should choose to stay on the right-side lane. This can help you avoid head-on collisions with the vehicles going the other way. Slowing down your speed is also a great way to avoid this type of accident or any accident. It gives you better control and more time to react.

Lane Splitting Accident

This happens when the motorcycles switch between two lanes while there is light traffic congestion. There are a few reasons why an accident can occur in this scenario. The first is due to the close distance between the cars and motorcycle. Then add that to the tight space that the motorcycle has to maneuver into. Additionally, cars don’t anticipate anyone passing them due to the traffic congestion.
To avoid such accidents, it is best to refrain from lane splitting.

Wrapping it up…

It can be annoying to wait in traffic but that would be safer. In some states, lane splitting is also illegal. If you decide to do it, make sure you have enough room to do it safely without hitting any other car. Watch out for gaps between stopped cars because it indicates that the car is trying to go to the other lane. Trying to cut them could lead to an accident.

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