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Technician inflating car tire as part of maintenance service

Technician inflating car tire as part of maintenance service

You live a fast-paced life and it seems that you don’t have much free time in your hands. That means skipping on some tasks that could very well need attention. That would include the regular maintenance of your vehicle, specifically your tires.

Do you remember the last time you checked your tires? If you can’t remember, then you better do it now or face the consequences. Skipping tire maintenance can put yourself and your vehicle at risk. To explain that further, here are the reasons why you should skip on tire maintenance.

Tire Inspection

One of the easiest ways to maintain your car tires is to take a look at them. Look and see if there are signs that it is already worn out. Also, take a closer look at the tread. Your car tires should still have at least 4/32 inches of tread for you to be able to use them safely. Any problems you discover shouldn’t be ignored and should be properly dealt with.

Proper Tire Inflation Keeps You Safe

A properly inflated tire is one of the simplest ways to help prolong the life of your tires. It should be checked regularly at least once a month. Most auto shops and gas stations have tire pressure gauges. They also have air hoses that you can use to correct the inflation of your tires.

Apart from regular monthly checks. You should also check the tire inflation if you are going for a long drive. Optimal pressure will help you have a smoother ride. It will also lessen the likelihood of you having a flat.

Tire Rotation Prevents Uneven Wear

The car uses all four tires at the same time while you drive it on the road. However, you might observe that there is uneven wear among the tires. This could lead you to have one of your tires replaced sooner than the others. You can prevent this by simply rotating your tires.

Due to various cornering forces, the tires may not wear at the same time. Get the most out of your tires and prevent one from getting worn out faster than the others by rotating them regularly. This also helps balance the car to make it much safer to drive.

Tire Balancing Extends The Life Of Tires

Uneven wear on the tires would lead to the premature need for a tire replacement. That will not only be costly but it could also be dangerous. With uneven wear, you could have a flat in one of your tires at the most unexpected time. Tire balancing helps make sure the wheels turn smoothly. It also prevents vibrations when you are driving at higher speeds.

Wheel Alignment Helps Improve Fuel Economy

Different vehicles may have specific wheel alignment settings provided by the manufacturer. Making sure that your car’s alignment falls in this range will prevent uneven wear. With uneven wear, the fuel economy could also be negatively affected. Properly aligned tires are more efficient that’s why your car wouldn’t have to use so much fuel just to cover a specific distance.

Despite your best tire maintaining efforts, tires can go flat for all sorts of reason beyond your control. When a flat tire occurs near Houston, don’t hesitate to call the flat tire experts at Bliss Towing Service

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